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Hello, TAGsters!

For those of you who weren’t in attendance for our last 5a7, remember that this week, instead of a regular 5a7, the TAG crew will be heading down to Espace Fibre (2665, rue Augustin-Cantin, 2nd Floor) at 6:30pm for the second bi-monthly Salon Ludique!

“Feminist voices and gender critiques come in a variety forms. While work like Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency video series provides us with pointed and topical critiques of narrative tropes featuring representations of women in digital games, an array of feminist practitioners directly address similar themes and issues through the creation of new works; engaging in practices along a spectrum of ‘feminist frequencies’.

In light of the rise of reactionary, anti-feminist movements in gaming and other cultural milieus, this edition of Salon Ludique offers a response to such troubling trends by exploring gender-critical practices in digital and analog games, performance, and new media. These works serve as a critical commentary on gendered stereotypes, as well as questions of consent, sexuality, and identity.

We hope that you will join us for what we consider a crucial contribution to the ongoing discussion of gendered representations in games, new media, and art.

Featuring the work of:
(for more info about the artists, and these works, please visit:

Allison Cole, Jessica Marcotte, and Zachary Miller, Montreal:
“In Tune”, a game about consent, intimacy and comfort.

Nina Freeman, NYC:
“How do you do it”: a game about youth, gender, and erotic imaginaries.

Rachel Simone Weil (aka Partytime!Hexcellent!) Austin, TX:
“Electronic Sweet + Fun Fortune Teller”, and
“Hello Kitty Land” , games which explore historiography, feminine aesthetics and retro gaming cultures.

Tamara Yadao, aka Corset Lore, NYC:
live chiptune performance.”


What: Salon Ludique #2 – Frequencies (6:30pm, $5 at the Door)
When: Thursday, December 4th, 6:30pm
Where: 2665, rue Augustin-Cantin, 2nd Floor
Who: Everyone is Welcome!