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Jun 21, 2018

5a7 – “Changing Destination” w/ Ingeborg Govaart

TAG invites you to join our weekly 5a7s, this time with our visiting scholar Ingeborg Govaart. Ingeborg is an MA student in Intercultural Media and Innovation at ZUYD University Maastricht, The Netherlands, currently working in Montreal on her project: Changing Destination.

Combining her interest in environmental preservation, games and storytelling, Ingeborg’s presentation will be about the process of her project before an during her stay in Montreal. Changing Destination will be a game about environmental refugees, a zero waste lifestyle and the impact a single person can have on his or her ecological footprint. Because the impact one person has on the environment might not always be visible around them. The goal is to combine her personal story and the experience of climate change in an interactive installation with the goal to connect humans to nature, immerse the spectator into a simple storyline that holds a mirror and sets reasonable goals to take action.

We tend to separate us humans from nature, but nature can be viewed as an ecology that has the ability to support the existing population. In another way nature can be viewed as a world ecology and the right of all individuals, including future generations to have access to all aspects of life. But however we view the link between humans and nature, we need to find an ecological balance between the two. Our goals as humans is survival, but in the meantime we need to learn to co-exist with the ecosystem that supports us.”

WHAT? talk & discussion
WHEN? June 21st, Thursday from 5pm to 7pm
WHERE? TAG Lab (Concordia, EV 11.435, 1515 SteCatherine W., Montreal)
WHO? everyone is welcomed