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Feb 07, 2019

5a7 – Guest: Asad Chishti

Join us this 5-7 to hang out with Asad Chishti, inventor at Chairs and Tables, who will be hanging out around TAG for the next week or so. 

Andrew Steeves of Gaspereau Press giving a tour of his Woodtype (Font) Specimen project.

Asad Chishti has been researching through the use of technology (and specific tools such as cameras, audio recorders, computers) what it means to live a full life. At the five-year mark of this study, we’ll have a chance to view some footage from his archives and then have an informal conversation about some of the direct and indirect themes. We aim to discuss ethics, technology, humanity, memory, language, and more (or less).

Asad Chishti is the Assistant Director of Adjacent Furniture, a community built on Dunbar’s number, and a board member at Ones and Zeros, an arts+tech organization. He first bicycled across Turtle Island (Canada) in 02013 to research happiness and was a Fellow at MaRSDD where he researched the digital extensions of analogue homebuilding. He bicycled across Canada (again) as an Institute for Canadian Citizenship Fellow combining cartography and marginalized histories in 02017, Canada’s sesquicentennial / 150th.

Themes of interest include but are not limited to: migration, memory, movement, media, communications, culture, health, and humour. Formats of interest encompass text, pixels, 35mm film, paper, ink, people, bytes, and delicious bites and soundbytes. Aside from working as a photographer, researcher and facilitator, he has at various times helped run an independent café, independent movie theatre, a fictitious university, storytelling potlucks, and speaking events for non-qualified people.

WHAT? Discussion
WHEN? February 7th, Thursday from 5pm to 7pm
WHERE? TAG Lab (Concordia, EV 11.435, 1515 SteCatherine W., Montreal)
WHO? everyone is welcomed