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Mar 23, 2017

5a7 – The Truly Terrific Traveling Troubleshooter: Ludic Reflections on Emotional Labour

TAG is proud to invite you for a series of 5 a 7 showcasing its stellar members’ ongoing research.

Handsome Foxes in Vests is a dynamic duo made of your favourite handsome foxes in vests at TAG, PHD candidates Jessica Marcotte and Dietrich Squinkifer. At this 5a7, they will be talking about their research into radical softness and emotional labour through the development of The Truly Terrific Traveling Troubleshooter. There may also be a super secret early release playtest for your enjoyment and our embarassment.
The Truly Terrific Traveling Troubleshooter is a radically soft suitcase game about emotional labour and otherness. This physical/digital hybrid roleplaying game for two people fits entirely inside of a carry-on suitcase. One player takes on the role of the Troubleshooter and the other is a customer with a trouble; assisted by the Troubleshooter’s toolkit, the players work together to find a solution. In this game, we speculate about what would happen if emotional labour were valued as it should be — as in, the same way we value other labour.

Please feel welcomed to join us for some reflective
playtime and thoughtful discussions.
~ ☆ ~

Attendees are welcomed to bring snacks and drinks to their liking.

WHEN? Thursday, March 23rd, 5-7pm
WHERE? TAG Lab (Concordia, EV 11.435, 1515 Ste. Catherine W.)
WHO? Everyone is welcomed!
WHAT? Cutting edge experimental game