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Mar 22, 2013 - Mar 26, 2013

Basic Unity GUI Workshop

What: Unity workshop

Where: TAG/ Hexagram Game Lab EV 11-425

When: Day 1:  Friday March 22nd at 9AM – 1PM

Day 2: Tuesday March 26th at 9AM – 1PM

This workshop is intended for students that are new to Unity 3D. In this project-based workshop, the learner is introduced to the basic Unity 3 workspace and typical project workflow.  During the workshop one will learn how to create environments & player characters, use Prefabs, environmental lighting effect, rigid bodies, particles systems and game builds.

Week 1 (4 hour workshop) :
Introductions, short idea brainstorming for a possible game environment to be completed the following week.
01 – Overview
02 – Unity 3D Workspace
03 – Asset Workflow
04 – Creating Scenes
05 – GameObjects
06 – Prefabs
07 – Lights
08 – Cameras

09 – Player Characters

09 – Materials and Textures
10 – Sounds
11 – Particle Systems
12 – Builds

End of class
Week 2: (4 hours)

Looking at the environments started during the previous week and problem-solving together.

The aim of this workshop is not to have a finished game, but rather to build a basic understanding and to generate discussions on how games can be built using Unity. The second part of the workshop will provide a space for reflection, and show the group how Unity can be used in creating games.