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Oct 01, 2019 - Oct 02, 2019

Can we study pain under the light of play?


Can we build¬†‘virtual’ communities for healing by creativity?

Can we design innovative information and communication technologies for participatory research of chronic pain through play?

Play the Pain explores the feasibility of digital creative therapies.

One in every five of us is suffering chronic pain–this quintessential source of medical and social innovation. But why has medicine not found a cure yet for many conditions that disable and isolate us?

Pain researchers admit that pharmacological sciences are limited: ‘Pain is a psychobiologically complex phenomenon.’; ‘Experiences of pain are vastly different depending on individual and social circumstances.’; ‘There are no methods to quantify the quality of experiences.’, etc.

We come together to sketch a few ideas about how to use art and ICT as an instrument for communicating and documenting the diversity of personal experiences of pain and resilience.

A participatory free for all event to discuss ideas.

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