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Mar 01, 2014 - Mar 02, 2014

Critical Hit: Jam Factory PRE-JAM


CRITICAL HIT Presents : the PRE-JAM Game Jam

Critical Hit: Jam Factory applications are open! What now? How ‘bout a Pre-Jam to get (more) jamming experience under your belt! Come and work with a new team this time around, try your hand at that really crazy idea you had, using the theme “Hybrid”, while adding another game to your portfolio.

N.B. participation in this game jam does not secure individuals into the 2014 incubator program. The aim is both to introduce applicants without any or much jamming experience to the popular, fast-paced game-making format, and to allow experienced jammers to show us what they can do! This jam also gives people a chance to add a game to their repertoire, strengthening applications for the incubator.

The Critical Hit Pre-Jam will take place March 1st and 2nd at Concordia University, in the much-adored EV 11th floor lounge. City lights and the St Lawrence will be our inspirational backdrop as we come together to create something truly amazing over the course of 36 hours.

How to Sign Up:

Sign up here with your FULL NAME and email address until midnight on Thursday, February 27th:


The theme is HYBRID. Make a game that incorporates this theme in an inventive way.


March 1st & 2nd
Begins at 9h00 Saturday, ends at 17h00 Sunday
Showcase and playtest will follow!


Concordia University, Engineering and Visual Arts Building
1515 Ste Catherine St. W.,
EV 11.725 Lounge




Food and refreshments, coffee and tea
Power and internet access
Chairs and desks (more important than you would think)
Mentors from the gaming industry for informed feedback

Tentative schedule:

Saturday March 1st
9h: Check-in and socializing (coffee, tea, treats)
9h30: Announcement and keynote
10h: Group formation, work begins
12h30: Lunch
18h: Dinner

Sunday March 2nd
9h: Coffee, tea, treats
12h30: Lunch
15h: Update, commit, last-minute debugging.
17h: Deadline. Hi-fives all around!
17h-17h30: 2-minute presentations (super informal, non-scary)
17h30-18h30: Play time!!!


About CH14

Critical Hit 2014: Jam Factory is the next incarnation of the Critical Hit Games Collaboratory. Critical Hit is a special kind of games incubator that develops experimental, avant-garde, unique, and otherwise innovative games that would not be made in a commercial setting. It welcomes all aspiring makers, including students, indie developers, new media artists, and anyone else who wants to push the limits of game design. Each year, Critical Hit focuses on a different aspect of game design, exploring new and exciting development methodologies. This year Critical Hit is focusing on high iteration and turnaround through game jams.

For more information, how to apply and FAQs, please visit

Official application website:



Q. I’m applying for Critical Hit but I can’t make it to the jam! Does that mean I won’t get in?

A. Not at all! The Pre-Jam was created to help people get more jamming experience, add a game to their portfolio and see what they are capable of!

Q. I’m not applying to Critical Hit. Can I still jam?

A. Absolutely! Join us for a weekend you’ll not soon forget!

Q. I love the game jam atmosphere but I want to work on something else that weekend. Can I still jam?

A. NO. As with all jams, if you’re jamming with us, you’re jamming all the way. Take a chance! Use the theme, get into the groove and make something awesome!

Q. Since the theme is out, can I start now?

A. NO. All content must be created during the jam! However, you may use elements from a pre-existing library and music you have the rights to use.

Q. Can I sleep onsite?

A. No. You may work as late as you like–work though the night, if that’s your cup of tea–but due to Concordia regulations, you cannot sleep onsite. When you’re tired, go home to sleep and come back refreshed; you will be much more productive on day two!

Q. Do I need to bring my own food?

A. We will provide light meals throughout the jam! If they’re not to your liking or aren’t quite enough to satiate the game-making beast living inside that cool exterior, there are many inexpensive options in the area for you to choose from! Mexican, Indonesian, Korean, gourmet burgers, pub food, sushi and much more await!

Q. When is Critical Hit?

A. The incubator runs from June 9th through August 15th, 2014.

Q. When are the deadlines for applying for CH14?

A. Applications are due April 1st. Top candidates will be invited for an interview between April 1 and April 15.

Q. I have a question that is apparently not frequently asked. How do I get more info?

A. Send an email to with the word “CH Question” in the subject and we will get back to you as soon as we can.