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Oct 09, 2018

Comic Book Club: Colonialism

TAG Comic Book Club returns! Join us to share your favourite comics, or just chat comics with a great group. For this instalment, the theme is Colonialism. We will eat some snacks, flip through some books, and talk about graphic narratives that touch on colonizers, the colonized, and resistance.
TAG Comic Book Club is a pop-up 5à7 that starts off with a theme and see where things go from there. Sometimes we make comics collaboratively; sometimes we organically expand the discussion to include what’s on folks’ minds and what they’ve recently read; sometimes we just sit and read low-key. No matter what we do, we gather around a table loaded down with snacks and a stack of good books. You don’t need to read anything in advance or bring anything with you besides from some curiosity about what makes this medium work.
WHAT: TAG Comic Book Club 5à7
WHERE: TAG Lab (EV11.435)
WHEN: Tuesday October 9, 5-7pm
WHO: Everybody and anybody!