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Aug 20, 2015


For the third year running, Critical Hit has welcomed sixteen talented creators to make games in Montreal. These sixteen people, coming to us from all over the world, have spent the summer investigating wearables and where they might be heading by creating games using new and old technologies.


Please join us on August 20th for the showcase of the final games & experiments between a diverse group of multi-talented game makers. The showcase promises to be a fantastic evening of discussion and play at GamePlay Space here in Montreal.

**Please note: space is limited, so all guests must RSVP via Eventbrite in order to attend.**

Critical Hit 15 was divided into short, two-week cycles, allowing for the prototyping strengths of the “slow-jam” but with a bit more breathing room as we asked participants to engage with new technologies. These games have ranged through all sorts of territories, from games where the player became a planet to dystopian futures where the wearable in question was to better aid assimilation, to games where players’ discovered how lives can be entertwined by literally tying and untying threads connected to their bodies, to games where data from the players’ body was used to create unique creatures for an ecosystem. By the time of the showcase, participants will have polished a final project for just over two weeks.

Final Games of CH 2015:
by Kara Stone, Milin Li, Amanda Tom
by Kailin Zhu, Tobias Wehrum, Tony Higuchi, Owen Bell, Titouan Millet
by Nicole Pacampara, Raoul Olou, Hope Erin Phillips
by Monica Rikic, Jessica Blanchet, Grayson Earle, Dawn Hang Yue Wong, Peter van Haaften

What makes the games so special? Find out more here: