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Dec 05, 2013

December 5 5a7 Symposium – Games and Grime

For our last 5à7 of 2013  postdoctoral fellow Rob Gallagher will be giving a talk on videogames and their connection to the electronic music genre known as grime. A full description is below:


‘In the spirit of Anglo-Canadian cultural exchange, I wanted to give a brief presentation looking at how videogames figure in grime, a genre of electronic music that emerged out of early ‘00s East London. Various games are sampled by producers and alluded to in MCs’ lyrics, often to hilarious effect, but beyond that there are parallels that have to do with competition, practice, formal conventions and technical limitations, some of which (I think) have interesting implications for game studies and game design…

I’m hoping it will be a way to get people talking about some more general subjects they might be researching or just interested in – games and music, representations of gaming in popular culture, the intersection of different kinds of fandom, how we define, delimit and record the history of ‘gamer culture’ (toxic or otherwise)  etc.’

What: Grime, games, music, pop culture, fandom, etc.
When: Thursday, December 5, from 5-7pm
Where: Hexagram Game Lab, EV 11.425, 1515 St. Catherine W.
Who: Anyone is welcome!