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Apr 30, 2015 - May 03, 2015

Error 404 Not found: Jonkonnu / Gens inconnus (exhibition)

All are invited to the opening of Error 404 Not found: Design and Computation Arts Graduate Certificate exhibition 2014-15, where among others, Olivia McGilchrist will be exhibiting her latest work Jonkonnu / Gens inconnus at 6:00 PM, April 30th on the 6th floor of the EV building, room 6-720.

“You do not stand in one place to watch a masquerade”
-An Igbo saying

Jonkonnu / Gens inconnus is an installation consisting of a cube-shaped pine box with decorative engravings, housing an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset in which the viewer interacts with 3x3min videos of traditional Jamaica Carnival ‘Jonkonnu’ performers from both sides of the mask.


‘Jonkonnu / Gens inconnus’ makes a relational notion of ‘otherness’ available, activated through the viewer’s interaction with the work. The deconstruction and reconstruction of identities will be suggested but not consumed.

Beside McGilchrist, the exhibition showcases the works of 7 other graduate students coming from various backgrounds, including design and fine arts. In this show they invite you to experience their selection of projects which individually address contemporary issues both human and technological.

The artists and designers exhibiting are:

Frederique Gagnon
Fawaz Gheibeh
Adriana Navarro Sainz
Guillaume Bourdon
Adrienne Matheuszik
Marina Bellusci Lima
Patricia Wowk

WHEN? 6:00 PM April 30th (show will be open till May 3rd)
WHERE? 6th floor of the EV building, room 6-720, Concordia University