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Oct 22, 2015

Locative Platforms – Which way do we go? : Another TAG Shinposium – Oct 22 at 1:30pm

pokemon-go-ios-androidIts quite alright if you missed our first shinposium because there is more (there is no end to shinny, there is only the expectation and satisfaction of playing again and again).

So lace up your skates because our second shinposium will take place on Thursday October 22 from 1:30 -3:30 pm in the TAG lab (EV 11.435) . Our topic is locative media platforms and locative experiences (gamey or otherwise). The name of our game is “Locative Platforms: Which way do we go?” or my personal favorite, “Locative Platforms: More than Just a Walk in the Park?” The event is organized by Jill Didur and features special guests Teri Rueb (who is giving a talk on Oct 23) and Brian Greenspan and of course you are all invited.

We have a particular platform studies emphasis for this shinposium. The idea is to have an open discussion about the implications of choosing to design your own locative platform or adapting something from off-the-shelf for building locative media experiences. Locative platforms like the Recho ( and ARIS ( are distributed for free, and offer the opportunity for anyone with an iPhone to self-author their own locative narrative or sound walk.  ARIS offers multiple types of content delivery (video, text, augmented reality, sound, web-links) for games, educational and creative applications.  How user friendly are the free applications?  What types of interactivity do they offer the user?

We’ll also consider what value locative platforms have for game development and design. With the locative games like Ingress and the announcement of the new Pokémon Go, locative gaming could represent a new wave in game development and the next best headache after VR.

Go ahead an check out the Recho and ARIS platforms before next Thursday and bring your impressions to our discussion.  Brian Greenspan will also give a quick intro to the affordances of his Storytrek locative platform, and others will share their experience about developing platforms for their mobile media projects.