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Apr 21, 2023

Make-Up Artist and Shaman

The talent is about to go on air for a live televised interview. But a change encounter with a Make-up artist is about to change the course of their lives forever.


This is a 20min live experience for 2 people. An audio-led instruction based experience exploring chance encounters through a light-hearted (slightly-surreal) role-play scenario, and bone conduction headphones.



About the Organizers

ZU-UK is an award-winning theatre and digital arts company based in Liverpool and East London. Founded by immigrant working-class artists Persis Jadé Maravala and Jorge Lopes Ramos, ZU are recognised as pioneers of immersive and interactive theatre creating experiences using performance, games and technology. Jadé is ethnically Persian, born in Yemen, raised in East London. Jorge was born within one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest favelas to a Polish-Romanian family. In a world where mainstream narratives normalise hate and fear, Jadé and Jorge believe in the need for shared rituals, new narratives and experiences that empower the most vulnerable to experience culture and to make excellent art.


What? Live interactive performance

When? Friday, April 21, 2pm-2:30pm/2:30pm-3pm

Where? TAG Lab (EV11.435, 1515 St Catherine W)

Who? All are welcome! Please email to RSVP.