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Aug 24, 2013 - Aug 25, 2013

Skyrim Modding Workshop – Making Strange

Carolyn Jong and Paj Saraf will be running a 2-day introductory workshop on Skyrim modding entitled “Making Strange.” Over the course of this workshop we’ll be using the Skyrim Creation Kit to modify Skyrim and “make strange” familiar locations such as Dragonsreach in Whiterun, the Ratway in Riften, the Throat of the World, and so on. There are no restrictions in terms of what you decide to do, where in Skyrim you decide to do it, or how, but keep in mind that we only have 2 days (you can of course continue to work on your mods after the workshop is over, but think of this as a sort of modding game jam). Participants can choose to work in teams or alone, depending on the scope of their project.


The workshop will take place in the Hexagram Game Lab (EV 11.425) at Concordia University, Saturday August 24 to Sunday August 25. It runs from 10am-4pm each day, with an hour-long break for lunch. The workshop is free of charge and light snacks and coffee will be provided.  Spaces are limited so sign up early!

Please bring your own laptop. You will also need to have Skyrim installed in order to access the Creation Kit. The game is available for PC on Steam for 30$. There will also be up to 4 computers available with Skyrim and the Creation Kit already installed. These computers will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. If you need a computer please email Carolyn at

For inspiration we’ll be looking at videos of existing mods, as well as examples from Dadaism, the Fluxus movement, culture jamming, street art, and other counter-cultural movements.  If you know of any other inspirational material that you’d like to share with the group please feel free to bring it along, or send an email to Carolyn at the address above.


No modding or game development experience is required. However please note that this is an informal workshop and will not include a step-by-step guide on how to make a mod. Instead we’ll be learning to use the tools together, and helping each other deal with problems as they arise. Paj is an experienced Skyrim modder and can provide useful tips and troubleshooting advice. Oliver Philbin-Briscoe, another experienced modder, has offered to provide follow-up support via email for those who want to continue modding after the workshop is over.

You can register for the workshop here: