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Jun 18, 2018 - Jun 22, 2018

Society for Animation Studies Conference

Society for Animation Studies Annual Conference is the largest annual gathering of animation scholars and makers, including a number of fantastic screenings from Montreal and international animators.
Animation has always been a critical component of rethinking the stability and politics of the moving image and recorded sound. How might it unpredict or undo the future, critically deform the past, and reinvent the present? This conference seeks interrogations into the temporalities of animation, the past/present/future of animation practices, the spatial locations of its creation and study, and the orientations of animation theory and practice. How can we reinfect our discipline with new narratives about the past, for the present, and into the future? How can these narratives reverberate outside animation studies into the social, cultural, technological, and political spheres?
The schedule is still in development, but there will be some fantastic animation filmmakers and scholars in attendance, including a number who work at the intersection of animation, digital culture and gaming – surely of interest to TAG friends.

More information will follow, but for the moment, please do mark your calendars. For travel info and registration, please click here.