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Apr 07, 2016

TAG 5A7: Studying Game Worlds

In this April 5a7, TAG’s very own Batman expert Kalervo Sinervo will be talking about the subject of game worlds. Not necessarily how we build them, but how we perceive and study them. Bringing in a number of theories from studies of real-world geography and urbanity, from Marc Augé through Michel de Certeau and Friedrich Kittler, he will discuss how we can apply structuralism and media theory to our approach of the exploration of game environments. To do so, Kalervo will engage us by workshopping ideas of how concepts of dérive and non-places can be applied to game spaces like Minecraft and Destiny, as well as how we can apply notions of geographical layering, walks, and tours to franchises like Batman: Arkham.

WHO: Everyone
WHAT: Kalervo Sinervo on Studying Game Worlds
WHEN: April 7th, 2016, from 5PM to 7PM
WHERE: the NEW TAG lab, EV 11.435
BYOB&S: Please bring your own drinks and snack.
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