Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) is an interdisciplinary centre for research/ creation in game studies and design, digital culture and interactive art


Mar 29, 2021


On Monday, March 29th TAG will be hosting the fifth session of MICROTALKS. This time welcoming speakers and audiences in our cosy online space on To keep online fatigue to the minimum, five members will be sharing their work in the shape of super fast pecha-kucha style presentations.

Join us and get up to date on the research TAG members have been conducting this year. Speakers featured in this first session will talk about a wide variety of topics including, but not exclusive to: playful exhibitions, video game balancing and documentation, personality-building tools in role-playing games, world politics simulations, and much more.


⭐️ Fenwick McKelvey: Congratulations, you played yourself: How world politics became a game
This talk provides an early history of attempts to simulate world politics.

⭐️ Owen Hellum: Balancing Generation and Design for Player Experience
Exploring the strides that some games are taking these days by incorporating elements of procedural simulation and generation into otherwise very narratively or technically stagnant experiences.

⭐️ Martin Hanses: Quantifying Personality – Alternative RPG Stats
A speculative exploration of some of the ways we can deviate from typical personality-building tools in role-playing games.

⭐️ Cody Walker: Dream Disc – Balance and Documentation
A talk on designing tools for balance and using video documentation.

⭐️ Lynn Hughes: The “Play WITH!” exhibition proposal for Brussels
Outreach activities associated with TAG you may not know about: focusing on the “sizzle reel” proposal for a major exhibition on play in downtown Brussels

WHAT? mini talks
WHEN? 29th March, Monday – 2pm to 3pm
WHERE? TAG @ (open only shortly before the event)
WHO? everyone is welcomed