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Jan 29, 2020

TAG Symposium: Marianne Tondat

Join us next Wednesday (29th) at 1pm for a talk by TAG guest Marianne Tondat and stay for some pizza and discussion.


Marianne Tondat is a graphic designer and master degree student at the EESI (fine art) in Poitiers, France. She has been a visiting student at TAG since September. Her interests for visual arts and computer have lead her to learns game design through making games.

In her talk she will cover her involvement with the Bauhaus Minecraft server, the game project she finished during her residency at TAG, and talk about her research about player-NPC friendships. Marianne’s goal is to work on digital projects that help or provide kindness to others.

WHAT? talk + discussion over some pizza
WHEN? January 29th, Wednesday – 1pm to 2pm
WHERE? TAG (Concordia, EV 11.435, 1515 StCatherine W., Montreal)
WHO? everyone is welcomed

TAG symposia are free events happening regularly in the lab featuring a variety of talks, game sessions or other research happenings. They are open to the public. Come by and say hi!