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Aug 18, 2022

TALK: Yiou Wang

On August 18th, TAG Research Artist in Residence Yiou Wang will give a talk on her research-based artistic practice divided into 40% past and 60% future lines of thought.

Following a short reflection into her research projects on maze game mechanism and more-than-human agency in video game, CG, and VR, Yiou Wang will expose some of her research-creation methodology of her 2022-23 master’s thesis Ludius Loci as an approach to the dynamic, and hence temporal, nature of space and game as a means of spatial thinking and production. Furthermore, she will present the ongoing research-creation “Morphai” that possibly reverses the notions of avatar and gamer across states of dreaming and wakefulness, and expand on its implications on mind-body relations in the future.

Yiou Wang is a multimedia artist, designer and metaverse architect with social science and design backgrounds, currently a Master of Architecture student at Harvard University. Spanning across mazes, games, and transmedia storytelling, Yiou is interested in game mechanisms intersecting transhuman and nonhuman agency – spatial, biological, environmental. Yiou is working on her thesis Ludius Loci, a series of speculative architecture games, and she is in residence at TAG in the summer of 2022, working with Prof. Martin French and Prof. Chris Gibbs.

WHAT? talk + Q&A
WHEN? 4-5pm, August 18th.
WHERE? In-person in the TAG Lab main space (EV11.435) + live streamed on Twitch
WHO? everyone is invited