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Sep 28, 2013 - Sep 29, 2013

The Boob Jam

TAG and mLab presents

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Happening till the end of September, Boob Jam has been major online sensation. On the last weekend of September, TAG and mLab hosts a 2-day game jam for all those who would like to create a game. Although you could just make your game form home, we would like to pair people with fellow game-making enthusiasts to create their games over the weekend.

So why BOOBS?

While the game industry has poured millions of dollars into boobs, obsessing over things like jiggle physics and revealing outfits, it has primarily represented them as objects for the straight male gaze. The purpose of  The Boob Jam is to make a game that does not treat boosts simply as hypersexualized playthings for straight males, but instead looks at boobs in all their complexity. For example: “What do boobs mean to a new mother, or to a new woman? To a person in actual, physical pain? What might they mean to a real superhero or armor-clad warrior? Or, if boobs really are sexual objects, who, besides straight dudes, can sexualize them?”

How to sign up?

Sign up with you FULL name and email address here.


There is no design criterion except this: Make a game that talks about boobs without resorting to the “straight male gaze.”

More info on that here.


September 28-29th – Saturday, Sunday
9 am to 9 pm


Concordia University
1515 Saint Catherine St. W.,
EV 11.705




Light snacks
Power and internet access
Chairs and desks (more important than you would think)
Volunteer technical help for tenacious bugs
Professionals mentors for informed feedback

Tentative schedule:

Saturday September 28th
9h-10h: Check-in and socializing
10h-10:30h Announcement and keynote
10:30h- Group formation
11h: Teams setup play-stations, Work begins
21h: Doors close, go home and sleep

Sunday September 29th
9h-10h: Doors open, work starts
12h-13h: Lunch

Monday September 30th

Deadline for submitting games


Let’s demystify boobs!