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Apr 22, 2023

The OTHER Market game and The Loot Garden art market

Check out The OTHER Market this Saturday April 22nd. The OTHER Market is a mini-larp locative media treasure hunt exquisite corpse gamey experience –  designed over many months by the Liveness Research group at TAG. 

The OTHER Market is part of a SSHRC project looking at ways to design what are now often called immersive experiences, so that they are truly participatory. This results in a structure which does not rely on a lot of actors (or other trained staff) to run a production and makes these kinds of projects more sustainable for small teams and companies with modest budgets.

Thematically, The OTHER Market explores meaning-making around objects and collections of objects. What can objects mean when they are untethered from consumption and/or status?

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The game takes place within a real art market called The Loot Garden. This art market has been especially organized to complement the game but you can come to the market without participating in the game.

Info on The Loot Garden art market.

At the wonderful public venue : ANTEISM!