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Fantastic Feminists in Games Vancouver Line Up, plus TAG Talks at Victoria CGSA

Posted by Jen Whitson

If you’re planning to be at the Canadian Game Studies Association Conference on June 4th and 5th in Victoria, please be sure to check out the presentations of TAG luminaries such as Mia Consalvo, William Robinson, Thorsten Busch, Adam Van Sertima, Lynn Hughes, Cindy Poremba, and …ahem…myself.  Will is giving the plenary address on the 5th, so wake up early to be there!

And, if you’re already traveling that far, why not make a stopover in Vancouver for the 2nd Annual Feminists in Games Workshop on May 31st, and June 1st?  The line-up of speakers is incredible, including Brenda Laurel, TL Taylor, Helen Kennedy, Celia Pearse and Anita Sarkeesian.  I have no idea of how this event flew under the TAG radar for so long.