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February 22 5a7 Symposium

Posted by Carolyn

Stuart Thiel will be our DM (Dungeon Master) for this week’s 5a7. Consider this an introductory course on Dungeons & Dragons, the popular dice-based tabletop pen and paper role-playing game. More details below:
Ever hear about pen and paper gaming? Ever see dice with more than six sides and wonder why? Ever wish you could be a part of the story being told? Come by Wednesday night and participate in a short encounter to get a feel for good old fashioned gaming, the kind that inspired early video games like Adventure.

The game will be played in one or two groups of 3 to 5 players (depending on participation), and will consist of a simple set of encounters to introduce players to the mechanics and feel of 4th Ed. Dungeons & Dragons. Dice and pre-made characters will be provided (but if you have dice, we can never have too many).

The adventure will take place in the realm of Hilroy, within a custom world with essentially the same rules as a standard 4th Ed world. Here is a quick description of the major troubles of the world:

The Collapse
The collapse happened a few hundred years ago. No one is sure exactly what happened. Vast energies coursed over the land, rendering it uninhabitable and bringing about monstrous creations which still roam the land today. However, much of the world remained unscathed, albeit all but cut off from other still ‘civilized’ areas.

It is rumored that some great pre-collapse cities have even survived the collapse in protected bubbles, and contain the secret knowledge of the true nature of the collapse, as well as a variety of other secrets.

It is widely thought that careless and presumptuous use of magic led to the collapse. Many argue that their gods themselves struck down mighty mage-kings and sundered the lands to prevent them from challenging their will again. Whatever the case may be, the pious still find a ready ear for their prayers and the gods seem to attend, and those who practice magics seem no worse for the surrounding Chaos Wastes, so it is uncertain if this is the true cause.”

Where: Technoculture, Art, and Games (TAG) LAB, EV 11.425, Corner of Guy and St. Catherine O.
When: Wednesday, February 22, 5pm-7pm
Who: Anyone is welcome, please feel free to bring friends or colleagues who might be interested.
What: Introductory Dungeons & Dragons Campaign led by Stuart Thiel.