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Greetings, TAGsters!

This week, instead of a 5a7, the TAG crew will be heading down en masse to Espace Fibre (2665, rue Augustin-Cantin, 2nd Floor) at 7pm for the third bi-monthly Salon Ludique!

The theme this time is ‘Dreams’ – “Salon Ludique 3: Dreams takes us on a journey through the sublime, the psychedelic, the languid, the absurd and the fantastic.

We invite you to come, play, and wander through a selection of digital dreamscapes, experience the sensations of alternative interfaces, and engage in critical conversations with creators and attendees about the works.”


This instalment will feature the works of:

Mouffe by Kim Hoang, Hamish Lambert, Ben Swinden, and Zach Soares

Dream Warrior by Paloma Dawkins with music by YlangYlang

Spacedog by GP Lackey and Bronson Zgeb.

Live Musical Performance by YlangYlang, with live visuals by Hazy Montagne Mystique.

For more info about the works:


I hope to see you all there!


What: Salon Ludique #3 – Dreams (7pm, $5 at the Door)
When: Thursday, February 5th
Where: 2665, rue Augustin-Cantin, 2nd Floor
Who: Everyone is Welcome!