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Game Artisans Montreal

Posted by Bart


Yes indeedy I am starting to give our TAG blog a much needed spring workout and I’ll be cleaning out some old thoughts, announcements and info in the process.

And so I draw your attention to Gameartisans Montreal which appears to be a game art gallery/lounge/education/meeting space located on Meyer street (off Bleury I believe). I came across this in random surfing so I would appreciate any insight about the place from anyone who knows or has been there. Of course, a small field trip during their gallery open hours could be fun.

See below the break for the blurb

Game Artisans Online ( today is an established network of sites that is world renowned for hosting international online game art competitions. It is comprised of partner websites and artists from Brazil, China, South Korea, Germany, UK, France, Canada, USA, Russia, and more. Each year, Game Artisans creates a variety of small, medium and large-scale art competitions that give artists a unique opportunity to practice, learn, enhance and share their techniques of creating game art. As art is made, artists gain exposure to the world as their methods and commitment are showcased. On Game Artisans online, artists are provided with plenty of motivation and inspiration to become better at what they do as they are awarded for their efforts with public acknowledgment, medal awards, and most importantly, jobs in the field of their dreams – Games.

As of March 18th, 2010, the inauguration of Game Artisans Montreal, a flagship studio and first of its kind gallery lounge concept, promises to become a perfect solution for artists looking for a neutral middle ground between home, school, and/or work. At Game Artisans, we:

Encourage additional training at an affordable price
Welcomes anyone to enlist with zero long term commitments
Have flexible training hours suited for all type of schedules
Give professional advice for starting, middle and future careers
Bestow international exposure as artwork is completed

Game Artisans functions as a Gallery on Fridays and Saturdays, and as an Art Lounge every other day. For additional info, come visit us or contact us at:

Tel: 514.439.GAME