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GAMERella: How did it go?

Posted by charlottefisher

With 60 tickets reserved on Eventbrite last Thursday night, GAMERella was completely sold out. You can imagine the excitement at TAG on Friday morning as we began following our set-up schedule for the day. In the end, 47 participants attended the opening evening, 35 finished the weekend and 33 had submitted games. There were ten (10) games in total, nine (9) of which were finished–and many were polished.

These numbers will sound even more impressive when you read this next bit: of participants who answered our survey, a whopping 60% had never been to a game jam before–and of that number, 60% had never made a game before. This means that first-time game makers made up 36% of the total number of game jammers. Every single new game-maker said they will attend another jam and that they will continue to make games in the future. GAMERella workshops seem to have helped us to reach many of these new game-makers; in fact, 95% of all participants said they had learned new skills specifically for or during this game jam. We even held an impromptu Twine workshop on day two, facilitated by the talented “narF” Francis Sheridan Paré!

I know what you’re dying to ask. The first question we’re receiving with regards to the event is: How many women? After a few no-shows and a few last-minute walk-ins, of participants who answered the survey, 42% identified as female, 53% male and 5% “other”. As many frequent jammers will tell you, this ratio is not typical in most game jams–the number of female GAMERella attendees is pretty darn impressive.


GAMERella participants, mentors and jury

Our work on GAMERella is done for now, but our efforts to bring more people into this amazing game-making community continue!See below for upcoming events.

Special thanks go out to all of our mentors, judges, code doctors, speakers, workshop instructors and volunteers.
Thanks also to Minority Media and Chimera Games for donating amazing prizes for the event!
We couldn’t have done it without you all!

Want to play the games?

We are holding an event to showcase GAMERella games on Thursday, November 28th! (Location TBA).
This will take the place of our usual TAG 5 à 7. All are welcome!
Details to follow – stay tuned!

When’s the next game jam?

The Global Game Jam is coming up January 24th – 26th. Check it out here!