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Research & Creation

The F.O.U.R.

Patrick Chan, Li Zhe He, Nicholas Kornek, and Winnie Song

The world was utopic, once…

Now, as the shadow of the dying star grows ever closer to our planet, our scientists have assured us that if all four nations pool their resources together, we could construct one massive ship with which to escape the armageddon. The only problem, however, is that the ship would only be large enough to fit one country’s people.

Without each other, we will not survive…
With each other, we will not survive…

The F.O.U.R. is a game of diplomacy in reverse. Take control of one of four countries, the Ferrous Empire, Oceanic Federation, United Agrarian Territories, or the Republic of Naphthalia, who begin as allies and work together to complete the great ship, but never forget that when the dying star arrives, only one nation will escape to safety. Try to keep the peace so that you will be elected to go forth into the stars, or build a massive army to take your salvation by force. The choice is yours.