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Welcome, Inspector

Pierre Depaz, Andrew Goudreau, Li Zhi He, Josh Raab, and Tuuli Saarinen

Welcome, Inspector takes place in an alternate reality where the United States has become a capitalist dystopia, run by megacorporations and plagued by systemic corruption.

The game is a new take on games like Mafia and Werewolf, using sensory deprivation and stimulation to explore different dynamics and emotions in an interrogation situation. It is a local multiplayer for 5 people, where one of the players takes on the role of an inspector, and the other four assume the roles of different people who are suspected for being involved in the next anti-capitalist attack.


The suspects have been brought in for interrogation at the B.E.A.R’s* secret Assessment and Rehabilitation Facility, and have been placed in the facility’s darkened Sensory Deprivation Chamber. Inspector 0553 (the fifth player) is in charge of their interrogation. If they collaborate, they might walk free, but if they are involved in the attack, they will protect their information at all costs, even if it means going to jail, or worse.

*Bureau of Economic Assessment and Rehabilitation

welcome inspector