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Research & Creation

Field Work Rovers: Part 1

Rebecca Goodine

This project was the first of two pieces commissioned for the Concordia Fine Arts 2019 “Field Work Rovers” initiative. The Fieldworkers worked to (1) comb the Faculty to gather data about space needs, (2) focus on specific questions and spatial problematics arising from consultations to develop case study analyses, and (3) respond to and communicate publicly “findings” from the field using a variety of fine arts methodologies.

“RoVA” is a digital game recreation of a walk through I did through Concordia’s VA building. Looking for “hidden gems,” I took photos and written reflections as I toured a space that was largely unfamiliar to me. Three categories of gem emerged; the permission for students to remix the space with their own innovations; the humanizing signs of ‘life’ and activity taking place in the building; and pride placed on celebrating students’ artistic achievements in the space.

However, as a newcomer and intruder to this space, I often found myself wondering if I was also someone who was allowed to participate in these activities. I was also left hoping that these positive gems could be extended to other Concordia members and the greater public community.

What good is a gem that stays buried underground?