Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) is an interdisciplinary centre for research/ creation in game studies and design, digital culture and interactive art

Research & Creation

GAMERella 2013

GAMERella was targeting women as well as anyone who feels they hadn’t had a chance to make a game (video or board) in a city ruled by industry giants. TAG welcomed everyone, not just women, to join them in November 2013 and change the scene of indie game-making.

GAMERella was conceived to prove that game jams are the safest, most exciting environments in which to create games. Nothing is wrong; everyone is experimenting; no one is an expert. It is a place to improve skills, try out risky and unconventional design ideas, meet other developers, but above all, have fun. GAMERella offered the opportunity to meet more women (and men who support women) interested in game development. The organizers wish not only to encourage more women and first-time game jammers to join in on the excitement, but also to celebrate the rise in female representation in the game development community.