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Research & Creation


Remy Chaumard and Diane Agnan

This game is about exploration, through numerous attempts and recipes.
You are an alchemist, and your goal is to find the recipe for the Philosopher’s Stone. But this quest might take you much further than you thought…

Use your Cook book to help you craft items you’ve already discovered.
Buy materials from the Shop makes it easier to experiment.
Unlock achievements related to your experimentation.

It’s been developed on html 5, CSS3 and javascript (backbone Framework) for mobile and desktop.

Technologies used: Backbone Framework, JQuery, Handlebars, Yeoman, Boostrap LESS, Nodejs, Brain and hands, Coffee and Beer (Brain Hi-Tech :D)

Remy Chaumard: (personal art site)
Whole Game Engine, Tech Lead, Unit Testing, Graphist, items DB, Game UX, Game UI, Game Design, Mobile compatibility Deployment, Fancy Brain !!!

Diane Agnan: (personal photo site)
Responsive UI, Items DB, Community Manager, Graphist, Game Design, Developer, Achievements and Store, Git Manager, Motivation Engine !!!