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Jessie Marchessault

A Playful Exploration of the Montreal Underground City

In January 2018, I started developing my very first game, RESO, a semi-fictional text and image based game that takes players through Montreal’s Underground City where they encounter various shadows with quests and must also collect stamps from locations visited in their Underground Passport.

I am creating this game as I am interested in exploring the space as it is both an important part of the city, being the largest underground network of tunnels in the world, yet also mysterious and labyrinth-like. The tunnels, passages and hallways are all very physically unique and represent different moments in the city’s history. I h   ope to convey this through magical and strange encounters in my game.

I am still in the process of building the game in twine and only have a prototype thus far, but my hope is to eventually submit it to be showcased somewhere in the city.”

-Jessie Marchessault