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Research & Creation


Jess Marcotte

TRACES is a physical-digital hybrid game about trans experiences and time travel. In it, the player, a trans time traveler from another galaxy, comes back to a time something like ours to recover traces from travelers who have come before them. This residue is embedded in physical objects in the space, which the player must collect using their custom field computer and scanner without drawing too much suspicion from the inhabitants of 2019.

Created by Jess Marcotte with special thanks to Dietrich Squinkifer, Enric Llagostera and Tom Deliva.
Voice acting by Gina Hara, Dietrich Squinkifer, Lukas Rowland, Drew Pascoe, Ida Toft, Jordan McRae, Thomas Deliva and Ash Cheshire

Game Type

physical-digital hybrid


Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Physical space