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getting ready to Game Beyond Screens

Posted by janetingley

So the time is drawing near – – –  Doug, Kaho and Jim have all arrived in Montréal and tomorrow the Gaming Beyond Screens workshop will begin!

Carolyn, Gina, JoDee and Adam are working hard setting everything up in the Hexagram Black Box and Sparky is plugging away at the final tweaks in software for Propinquity.

2013-02-07 15.16.00

We have redesigned the Propinquity hardware to include accelerometers and have added LEDs to the gloves (which are now wristbands) and so I spent an exhausting weekend finishing up the rubber attachments for new patches and building wristbands.  (I have newfound respect for anyone who knows how to sew – particularly the threading the machine part).

This workshop should prove to be super exciting – it will be interesting to work together with Kaho, Doug and Jim on developing new games with the Propinquity platform.  I will definitely send an update after the workshop about how it went.  Also – we will have another (no doubt) amazing video from Unai Miquelajauregui documenting whatever happens.

The games for the arcade include Jim’s Dance Central – Kaho’s Hit Me!, Doug’s Joust and our very own Propinquity.  Two things about the arcade which are hyper exciting – and I am fairly certain I cannot say – but pretty sure I can allude to ->>>  The first -> JoDee Allen had an awesome brainstorm and she picked it up today – it is super great and reminds me of the good old days on roller-skates and the second is about Joust!  Super duper and exciting – that is all I can say…

Hope to see you at the panel discussion

Saturday Feb 9th from 3-5pm EV1-615

And the arcade

Saturday Feb 9th from 6-8 EV0S3 845/855


Love Jane