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Global Game Jam

Posted by wbarobinson

The global game jam
It was the last Friday of January 2011, at 6:15 when the volunteers at ETS explained to us the process we were about to undergo. First, we would watch a Keynote addressed to individuals from New Zealand to California, granting us the courage to begin our task. It was given in near silence, by Katamari Damacy’s designer in a body humourous style. Then we would sit in quiet for 10 minutes and brainstorm ideas surrounding the announced theme. Although it was revealed to those in New Zealand many hours before, I chose not to spoil the surprise theme (Extinction) and keep the essence of the project intact. So it was only at around 6:40 I began thinking about Extinction. Michael Fortin was close at hand at all times. We had gone together as a team, but we were the exception. Pretty soon people were in groups of ten sharing their ideas, building on them. Then after about ten minutes, new groups of ten were formed and ideas were cross-pollenated. Finally, everyone who had an idea they liked, yelled it out to the volunteers who posted them on the blackboard. There were about 60 people, and 40 ideas. People then arranged themselves in groups arround 10 ideas. Mike and I were still unsure of ours. A couple people came by our table, they knew we were making a board game because I had announced it a few times (calling for additional team mates). Eventually Nate Fowler joined our cause and our team was set. By the end of the night we agreed that the game would be about surviving… Part 2 coming soon…