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Here it Comes – RockBand UGC

Posted by Bart

overview We knew this was in the works and UGC is about to take another curious turn…

I have to say I am flummoxed.  Folks can make and distribute their music already via YoutTube, Myspace, etc…  and if ITunes is the model for getting paid why would RockBand be a rival to this? What blows me away is the graduated peer review system… does any other music distribution network have this?

I still don’t get the relation between the original music and the midi tracks derived from it… it seems like a reduction of the music somehow…  Is the idea that  being able to” play” indie RockBand tracks will make indie recordings more popular or provide name recognition?  And what kind of song is one getting if it is made for distribution specifically for RockBand?  Also, will this mean the return of the 20 min guitar solo? I am really intrigued to see what kind of network develops here.