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Humour and Games Podcast – Episode 1: Why Does Humour Matter?

Posted by Andrei Zanescu

Humour and Games

Welcome to the first episode in the Humour and Games Podcast, sponsored by TAG! We’re thrilled to have you listen to this series focusing on the interplay of humour and games.

In this first episode, we explore general functions of humor in games. We consider different frameworks focusing on how humor works for different people. This episode’s interviewees discuss how politics shape humor, who is in on the joke and how cultural identity can impact humorous content and its reception.

Available for you to listen at the ConnectingToGame website, on Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.

Featured Speakers: Osama Dorias, Dr. Kishonna Gray, Dr. Brendan Keogh, Dietrich Squinkifer, Dr. Dan Staines and Ida Toft.