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Impromptu Game Jam

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IGDA-Concordia in association with the TAG Research Centre is holding an impromptu Game Jam this weekend, November 26. Check out the Facebook Link for more info.

Here are the event details –

This event’s goal is to give you a taste of what game jam is!

The rules are very simple:
-21 seats,
-7 teams of three people,
-20 min to form teams.
-7 themes are created with ”The Video Game Name Generator”
-They are assigned to the teams.
-The teams have an hour to brainstorm on a paper prototype.
-Then 8 and a half hours to create something delirious about the theme.
-Showcase at 8
-Play each other games!

Priority to IGDA-Students Members and to Concordia students in general!
Hope to see you there!