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Internet Privacy Event – Nov 4

Posted by Bart

So Media literacy week kicks off next week and TAGster Shanly Dixon is at the centre of a magnum opus at James Lyng High School talking about Internet privacy in teleconference with high school students across several communities. The full media literacy calender of events is here

Atwater Library Internet Privacy Event
Date: November 4
Location: James Lyng High School, 5440 Notre Dame West, Montreal, Quebec
Description: The Digital Literacy Project at the Atwater Library and Computer Centre in Montreal will co-present a Media Literacy Week event in partnership with James Lyng High School and The Community Learning Centre. Shanly Dixon from Concordia University will present her work on Internet privacy and facilitate a discussion at James Lyng High School that will involve several remote communities in Quebec via video conferencing.
More info: Eric Craven at