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Posted by pierson

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This is it, folks! We’ve come to the end of 4 consecutive weeks of Critical Hit jamming, playtesting, and the general generation of pure, distilled awesome! Join us this Thursday to play the last set of jam games!

Critical Hit’s 4th week theme is a little different. Out of the suggestions that ended up in the box, eight were mashed up to create four bizarre little themes. They were:

No. 1: An installation game about the highlights of the mundane

No. 2: Sentient Consumer Products and Retrofuturism

No 3.: Timewarp Hugs

No. 4: Rhythm Dating Sim

But we all know that Critical Hit participants don’t like to play by the rules, so the results were pretty different from the suggested themes. The participants did some mashing up of their own this week.

The F.O.U.R
by Patrick Chan, Li Zhi He, Nicholas Kornek and Winnie Song

This game mashes up theme no. 1 and the Retrofuturism part of no. 2.

Long-Distance R’lyehtionships
by Anh Chi Bui, Ashwath George, Kim Hoang, Andrew Goudreau and Tuuli Saarinen

The team chose to deliberately misinterpret no. 3 as “Timewarp Pugs” and took the dating sim part of no. 4 to make a “Regular Dating Sim” instead of a rhythmic one.

by Pierre Depaz, Louis Sciannamblo and Zachary Soares

This game is retro (without the futurism) and has rhythm (without the dating sim), along with Sentient Consumer Products.

by Hamish Lambert, Ana Tavera Mendoza, Josh Raab and Ben Swinden

Initially inspired by Braid, Shimmy makes use of the Timewarp Hugs theme…sort of.

If you want to see what we mean, come by the 5a7 tonight!

What: Mix’n’Mash
When: Thursday, June 26th, from 5-7pm
Where: Hexagram Game Lab, EV 11.425, 1515 St. Catherine W.
Who: All are Welcome!

(Major Props to Jessica Rose Marcotte for writing this awesome blurb about the Playtest!)