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Makerbot and OpenSCAD

Posted by janetingley

Today at 2PM Marius Kintel and Gina Haraszti have been kind enough to work together and give a brief intro to openSCAD and the Makerbot.

OpenSCAD is a program that is authored by Marius Kintel and is one of the central programs used in the open source 3D printing and reprap communities.  He has offered to come to TAG and give those of us who are interested a brief introduction to his program.  Together we will design a few objects and then print them. (A background in programming is an asset – but not necessary.)

Marius has been involved in the open source 3D printing community for quite some time now and is quite familiar with the the mechanics of open source 3D printers including the original Makerbot designs.  He has offered to also talk about printing in general –  including how to tune the printers and some of the pitfalls and solutions associated with printing this way.  However because he has never used the Replicator 2 – Miss Gina has offered to introduce us to our printer – who I have named in the interim – Bob.

photo (2)

Here is Gina tuning Bob.

If anyone is interested -> come join us in the TAG lab – EV 11-655 at 2pm.  Bring a computer and some ideas.