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Posted by idatoft

This Friday, we will have an Arduino 101 workshop! This 2-hour workshop is designed for people with very little/no knowledge or Arduino. We’ll start by looking at the board and basic structure of programming in Arduino. We’ll write very simple codes with LEDs and try to cover basic function like digitalWrite/read and analogWrite/read. This will be in preparation of the next workshop on sensors with Arduino.

For this workshop :

-Please bring a laptop and install the free Arduino software ( )

-Confirm your presence to Jess at and tell me if you need an Arduino or if you’ll be bringing your own.

This new initiative is aimed at providing a supportive community for peer learning, skill-sharing and finally starting on that totally absurd project idea that you had and never thought you would get to do.

Beside games, we are open to any kind of artistic or creative realizations regardless of your background or experience or level of skills. This maker space is all about promoting craftmanship and free creative expression of all kinds. We believe in sharing ideas and passing skills from person to person. In order to do so we will conduct a series of mini workshops including soldering, 3D printing, fibercrafts, and reading schematics. The workshops will be offered in a variety of skill levels, ranging from beginner to intermediate and will be announced on our website and twitter.

The MakerCircle is run by Ida Toft, Jessica Blanchet and Jessica Rose Marcotte.

2.00-5.00 pm: The space will be open to anyone who wishes to use the resources available.
5.00-7.00 pm: The last two two hours will be more structured around skill-sharing and peer teaching.
WHO: You and your crafty friends.
WHAT: The Maker Circle
WHEN: Fridays from 2PM until 7PM
WHERE: The TAG Atelier (Concordia University, EV Building 11.425)

We offer technical support in any kind of crafting or structural issues. If you have questions about that do not hesitate to contact Jessica Blanchet at