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Mini Maker Faire Montréal, Day 2

Posted by Adam

Bisarro Game Controllers, day 2

Playing “No Glove, No Love”

Visitors playing “Pong” with PushMe/PullYou and Booze controllers

Etienne, various kids & Arcade Royale

Reforming the playdough controllers

More vigourous play.


Amanda & Harry

One half of Wylde Collective Ltd. demoing laser-cut designs.

The PushMe/PullYou Mark 2 picture:Sheila Oakley

Adam & Anton playing “Pong”.


Packing up Sunday evening.

Day 2 of Maker faire Montréal was pretty exciting. We ironed out many of the small bugs, and learned more about our systems and devices. Many more visitors dropped by, and most seemd to enjoy playing with our Bisarro Controllers. It was a great experience and the team really pulled together, especially Joachim who was point fo organising the TAG side of things, Carolyn who selflessly helped us, and Amanda from Wylde Collective who helped coordinate and provide technical support. Aside from presenting his excellent playdough music game controller, Bronson was invaluable providing transportation.