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Official Global Game Jam Picks

Posted by Gina

“Global Game Jam came to an end last Sunday, bringing with it thousands of free games for you to enjoy. All made within 48 hours, these games range all across the indie-spectrum; from the ambitious 3D games to the charming 2D, as Jammers constructed new narratives, new game mechanics, and new ways to have fun. You may not have time to play all 4000+ games however, so [Global Game Jam] has put together another collection of ten titles for you to check out. Because jam games are inherently short (anywhere from one to ten minutes) you can get through them all in a single session. Be sure to check out their first Game Jam Picks here.”

MUSEUM OF PARALLEL ART – Made at TAG, Concordia 

museum-of“Along with this year’s Game Jam theme, “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are,” many Jammers chose to incorporate one or many of the “diversifiers.” As such, Museum of Parallel Art revolves around local multiplayer gameplay that can be giddily funny. First, player 1 is presented with a randomized set of cards representing what ever they feel they represent; one person may think a sleeping cat represents cuteness, for instance, while another may think it represents boredom. Without the second player seeing, player 1 then chooses cards to place in front of 7 different paintings, each of varying art-styles and time-periods. Once player 1 is finished, player 2 enters and places the cards not how they themselves interpret them, but how they think their friend would. Everyone then has a laugh as the interpretations and reactions are revealed, and everyone learns a little about one another. There’s even an updated version now available to play and download.”

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