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Passing the Torch: Introducing TAG’s New Director!

Posted by forest

Hello TAGsters and TAGfriends,

As one school year wraps up, a change in management has taken place. On June 5th, 2017 at noon former TAG director Dr. Mia Consalvo initiated the now-traitional passing of the ceremonial TAG baseball cap on to a more than capable successor, Dr. Rilla Khaled.


The momentous event can be viewed here in all its glory.

Upon donning the sacred hat, Rilla gave a short speech in which she expressed her hopes for the two years to come, stating, “TAG is its people. You are TAG and this is what makes TAG worthwhile for us every day.”


Her speech, in its entirety, can be found here (thanks, Lai-Tze)!

We here at TAG have nothing but high hopes for the coming two years as we move forward with Rilla’s guidance. And, of course, we would all like to extend a HUGE and heartfelt thanks to Mia for her tenure as 👑 Queen of TAG 👑