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Pleasure Consuming Games Pop-Up Event

Posted by Andrei Zanescu

Please join us for the second event in the Pleasure Consuming Games series, a pop-up event at North Star Pinball Bar on July 9, 2018. Continuing our exploration of the “gamblification” of games and the “gamification” of gambling, we have assembled an exciting panel of speakers to discuss the changing dynamics of contemporary video games and online gambling. Speakers will discuss the intersections between gaming and gambling in the context of mobile social games (e.g. Candy Crush), massively-multiplayer online battle arena games (e.g. DOTA 2), Esports, daily fantasy sports, online poker, and so on. A key focal point of discussion will be the incorporation of ‘loot-boxes’ in gaming. The format will be as follows: speaker panel (Chanel J. Larche, U of Waterloo; Andrei Zanescu, Concordia University; Dr. Mark R. Johnson, U of Alberta; Dr. Tom Brock, Manchester Metropolitan;) from 1-4pm, followed by an analog gaming “5 à 7” complete with old school pinball games!

WHAT: Pop Up Talks and 5 a 7
WHO: Everyone!
WHEN: July 9, 13:00-19:00
WHERE: North Star Pinball Bar, 3908 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal

***space is limited so please RSVP to