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Research & Creation

Connecting to Game

Andrei Zanescu, Marc Lajeunesse, Scott DeJong

Connecting to Game started with a simple question: How could we produce content about games that is sometimes more academic, and sometimes more accessible? We decided that we could produce content in as many formats as we felt necessary, without the constraints of the daily news cycle, or the release schedule for games and media at large.

Connecting to Game’s main goal is to bring you (the readers, the listeners, and the viewers) longer form articles, podcasts (including produced episodes and interviews with academics and games industry folks), video essays and game streams covering a wide variety of topics. Starting with our Humour and Games podcast, we’ve tried to approach the meeting point between humour, culture and games from both the academic side and the industry side where professionals operate day by day.

The plan going forward is to continue approaching games (analog and digital) with that same mindset, while providing you with high quality reflections and analysis.

Welcome, and please get ready, we’re Connecting to Game!