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Research & Creation

Humour and Games Podcast

Scott DeJong, Marc Lajeunesse, Andrei Zanescu

This podcast series explores the relationship between humour and games thinking through questions of design, player reception, and broader cultural implications. Our interviews are presented in a dual-release format. First, as a set of edited episodes featuring interviews with a variety of game industry professionals and academic researchers. Each of these episodes highlights a different aspect of humour (e.g. humour in design, player perspectives, performed humour, community humour etc.). Second, the original interviews are released in full so that listeners can engage more directly with the work of specific folks that they are most interested in. The podcast brings together industry perspectives on designing humour in games with that of academics and independent developers; Practice and theory together.

After Season 1 (2020-2021), we’re currently interviewing more makers and academics for Season 2 (2022), more unique episodes with developers for breaking work (game titles, projects or upcoming campaigns) and also a special focus Season on emerging work in the field. Stay tuned for more news!

The podcast is available to listen on here on the TAG website as they release, or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and on our standalone website.


Project Type

Gameplay Cultures / Player Experience