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Research & Creation

Liquid Perceptions

Bart Simon, Seyed M. Tabatabaei, Marco Luna

Liquid Perceptions is an interactive VR experience about the interconnections between the goals we set and the balance of marine ecosystems. This research-creation project is designed within the following predefined constraints:

TO BE EXPOSED TO CRITIQUE : In the different iteration phases, there should be material available for feedback.
MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE : Either a shared or a collaborative experience.
MATERIALITY : Make the material conditions of VR production explicit.
SCALE : Explore The possibilities of using different scales.
ACCESSIBILITY : Conceived as a collective research-creation process, open to feedback from local and external communities.

With these presets in mind, different prototypes of a same concept was created and play-tested in several public meetings. The core concept was to let each player experience a different perspective of one single issue. The actions from one player affects the environment of the other player.Liquid Perceptions_Concept

Liquid Perceptions_Screen

Liquid Perceptions_Playtest

Liquid Perceptions_Playtest2

The project is a collaboration with the University of Waterloo. Milieux member participants include Olivia McGilchrist, Seyed M. Tabatabaei, Dougy Herard, Julia Salles, Marco Luna, Bart Simon, and Gada Jane.


Project Type

Interactive Narrative


Olivia McGilchrist
Dougy Herard
Julia Salles
Gada Jane