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Research & Creation

Oracle Game Proposal

Mia Consalvo, Joachim Despland, , Jane Tingley

The goal of this project is to create a game that can be played at conferences and will encourage meaningful social interaction between players both on- and off-site. Team members include Mia Consalvo, Jane Tingley, Joachim Despland, and Carolyn Jong. Together the team designed a game called Oracle, which would allow those players that are unable to attend the conference but wish to contribute the chance to participate in the event by interacting with and aiding conference attendees/players. The game is intended to provide a platform for discussion, challenges, questions, and answers. The traces of these activities will form a final artifact representing the conference and the collective contribution of the players.

The game system is based on the idea of social recognition. During the game players create content and explore the content of others, while distributing and accumulating points. The point system allows players to attach value to content that they or others create, encouraging players to add new content and rewarding players who contribute in ways that are meaningful or valued by others. As players accumulate points, new functionalities in the game open up allowing players to have a stronger impact on the final artifact.

Project Type

es and Public Engagement